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Shandong Laizhou City and Germany Schwarzdorf County to reac
On the afternoon of October 15, 2016, by the EU-China Economic and Cultural Promotion Association co-ordination arrangements, Shandong Province, Laizhou municipal party committee secretary Li Ming met with the county governor Thomas Eberlin, Germany, Bavaria Schwarzschult county government The delegation and his party. Laizhou Municipal Committee, Mayor Yu Ning, Laizhou City Party Committee Party Secretary Sun Jianguo attended the meeting together.

Laizhou municipal party committee secretary Li Ming and Thomas Eberlin county friendly handshake

Li Ming, secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee of Shandong Province, on behalf of the municipal government of Laizhou City and the people of the city, extended a warm welcome to Thomas Eberlin and his delegation and briefly reviewed the exchange process between the two places. He pointed out that the state of Bavaria, where Schwandorf County is located is the largest province in Germany and the second continent, is the center of the German electrical engineering, automobile manufacturing and food industry. Shandong Province and Bavaria to establish friendly relations Over the past 30 years, exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields fruitful, continuous improvement of cooperation mechanism, called Sino-German friendship between the provincial model. In 2014, Laizhou City and Shiwandovuo County belongs to the city of Nitonu signed a letter of intent to establish a friendly city cooperation. We are very pleased to have this visit to Mr. Eberlin. Li Ming said that Laizhou is rich in resources, industry is complete, and Schwarzdorf County has a lot in common and very good complementarity. During the visit, a series of economic and trade exchanges will be held and the two sides will formally conclude friendly and cooperative relations. This will help to deepen mutual understanding and trust so that the friendship between the two peoples will be everlasting.

Thomas Eberlin on behalf of the guests and his party, to the people of Laizhou city to extend my sincere greetings, and a brief introduction to the Shiwan Dao County about the situation. He said that although China and Germany separated by thousands of miles, but our hearts are very close. Schwarzdorf County has always attached great importance to cooperation with Laizhou City, the county government delegation to visit Laizhou, will become a new milestone in the development of relations between the two places. Hope that through the next few days of communication, to further consolidate the friendly relations, strengthen coordination and cooperation, deepen pragmatic cooperation, and jointly promote the friendship between the two continents flowering results, for a long time.

Yu Ning (right) and Thomas Eberlin at the signing ceremony, respectively, on behalf of the two sides in the "establishment of friendly city relations letter of intent" signed

On the afternoon of October 18, 2016, under the leadership of the EU-China Economic and Cultural Promotion Association, Laizhou City, Shandong Province and the German Schwarzschult County Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation Seminar and the establishment of a friendly city relationship letter signing ceremony at the New Century Hotel Held, the German Schwarzdorf county magistrate Thomas Eberlin, Laizhou city leaders Yu Ning, Sun Yuewei, side card to attend the meeting. Laizhou Municipal Committee, Mayor Yu Ning in his speech first of all to welcome the guests, and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Laizhou City. He pointed out that Laizhou is rich in resources, industry is complete, with gold, machinery, building materials, electricity and other leading industries, with more than 100 countries and regions to establish economic and trade exchanges and exchanges and cooperation. Schwarzdorf County under the German Bavarian state, is Germany's well-known industrial city, tourist city, and Laizhou city industry fit high, complementary strong, hope that the two sides to establish an international friendly city relations as an opportunity to deepen exchanges and expand cooperation, And jointly create a new chapter in exchanges and cooperation between the two places. Subsequently, Thomas Eberlin, on behalf of the Schwarventsdorf government delegation, expressed his gratitude to the warm hospitality of Laizhou and gave a good wish to the people of Laizhou, and also invited Laizhou to send a mission to visit. At the meeting, participants attended the two cities to promote the film, the Laizhou City and Shiwan Daofu County key industries were introduced, the two sides intention to cooperate with enterprises and enterprises to exchange talks, and signed a letter of friendship to establish a city relationship.

European and Chinese Economic and Cultural Promotion Association as the most professional to promote the exchange of visits between European governments and the Chinese government, and to promote the European enterprises and Chinese enterprises exchanges and cooperation between the authority, and vigorously promote Europe and China in trade, science and technology, finance , Cultural, educational, and other areas of the depth of exchanges and cooperation, give full play to the role of bridges and ties in Laizhou City, Shandong Province and Germany Schwandorf County to establish a friendly city project, the EU-China Secretary-General Mr. Ling Long personally responsible The German delegation visited the docking and reception coordination of Laizhou City, and accompanied the German delegation during the visit and exchange activities in Laizhou, the German side and the Chinese side for the EU-China friendly exchanges and eventually reached Friendly city intention and other matters play a coordinated role to be highly praised, and all hope that in the future with the EU-China to carry out further cooperation. Through the active coordination of the EU and China, the two sides exchanged visits and business referral, and finally reached a friendly cooperation agreement, and achieved a complete success!


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