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Dear ladies and gentlemen, everyone!

I am Charles MENORET and I am honored to be the first president of the Europe-China Economic & Culture Promotion Union. The Europe-China Economic & Culture Promotion Union has been established for eight years since its establishment in 2009. During these eight years, the Europe-China Economic & Culture Promotion Union is a bridge between Europe and China for exchanges and cooperation. We are very honored to have participated in numerous exchange programs between governments in China and European countries, and China-EU business cooperation projects have achieved very good results. We are determined to build an exchange platform for mutual communication among the governments, enterprises, and institutions in China and Europe, to let Chinese people familiarize themselves with and understand the economic, cultural and business atmosphere of EU countries. It also allowed European people to become familiar with and understand China's traditional culture, education system, open policy, and investment environment. Efforts will be made to promote and develop cooperation between Europe and China in the areas of economic and trade science and technology, and culture and education.

Now is the era of economic globalization, smart manufacture, cultural diversification, and instant communication. In the past decade, both Europe and China have undergone rapid changes. I believe that in the future, the concept of global integration will gradually be realized. The cultural exchanges between young people in Europe and China are also particularly important because they are our future.

We will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and European countries through various academic exchanges, professional training courses, and cultural exchanges. Respect each other, openness, understanding, trust, I believe we will have a bright future! Thank you!

Europe-China Economic & Culture Promotion Union

Charles MENORET Profile

Mr. Charles MENORET was born in 1952 in a family of French aristocrats, his father was a French officer in his early years, after World War II, he held an important post in the French government where De Gaulle became president, he made contribution to the decision for France as the first Western power to recognize the People's Republic of China.

Mr. MENORET was a fighter pilot of the French Air Force in his early years. After retire, he obtained a French engineer's degree through university training. He then took up positions in a number of well-known French companies, and he began to work in politics in 1981. He has served as national political advisor to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. He has also served as chairman of the "French Media Publishing Association", secretary general of the "France National SME Federation", secretary general of the "National Vocational Training Center of France", chairman of the "French Republican National Federation of Industry and Commerce" etc.