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The European-China Economic & Culture Promotion Union (ECPU) is a non-profit business organization registered in Paris France, with foundation at the end of 2011, pursuing equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, ECPU promotes the accurate exchanges and in-depth cooperation between European countries and China in the fields of economy, trade, science and technology, education, culture, arts, and sports. At the same time, it actively promotes the friendly exchanges between the governments and peoples of European countries and China.
With the continuous development of the globalization of the world economy and trade, and thanks to the rapid advancement of modern science and technology, the communication between European countries and China have become more frequent, and exchanges and cooperation have become more extensive. However, many countries in Europe have different languages and ethnic, religious and cultural customs. Therefore, in specific European and Chinese projects or affairs, the resources and advantages of European countries need to be efficiently coordinated and allocated, to meet the demand from China quickly and accurately, and to achieve  win-win situation through exchange and cooperation.
In order to better cope with these new challenges, in 2009, the German-Chinese Entrepreneurs Association (VDCU) and the French Association for the Promotion of European Affairs (APAE) as the main sponsors, as well as several other similar institutions of European countries jointly initiated jointly the establishment of the “European-China Economic and Cultural Promotion Union”. After more than two years of project cooperation and operations, we completed formal registration in Paris in early 2012. At present, the operation center of ECPU is located near Munich, Germany, with liaison offices in Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, and Slovenia; the operation center of ECPU in China is headquartered in Shanghai and has liaison offices in Beijing, Chengdu, and Wuhan.

Over the years, we have done solid work in various fields in Europe and China for international exchange and cooperation projects. We have accumulated rich experience in project operations and have a complete networking system. This has provided us with a solid foundation for providing services to you in the future. We look forward to your arrival!